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Kalamalka Cannabis celebrates its first anniversary with the occasion of Saturday – Suppose Native – Castanet.Web

Regardless of the type of cannabis you are looking for, it is very likely that one of Kalamalka's representatives will have the ability to tell you all the pieces that it is essential to learn about it. Dagostini notes that even veteran cannabis users may end up needing more information on their choice given Kalamalka's massive selection and the ever-evolving analysis and growth going into the cannabis trade. "It goes from a black market, where there were restricted options and there was no way to make sure the product was clear and safe," he says. Offering a low-key entrance for those who are nevertheless a bit shy, Kalamalka Cannabis continues to attract new customers all the time. One of the many most common demographics for first-time customers is baby boomers and the group that precedes them, who are looking for prescription drug, sleep aid, and anti-inflammatory options. Since Kalamalka Cannabis is family-owned, Dagostini is all about regional procurement in relation to its product. It says it sells "aggressively" to native producers when it supplies its shelves.

Kalamalka Cannabis has had good support from the neighborhood and its customers in its first year, so this Saturday it can host a huge celebration of appreciation for its first birthday. The store, which is located on the south face of Vernon, will give away door prizes and suitcases, popcorn and cotton candy, and may have cannabis representatives available to discuss their merchandise. There will even be incredible financial savings throughout the store. That family atmosphere will reflect the vibe you get when you enter Kalamalka Cannabis, which is located at 1220 Kalamalka Lake Rd., Right behind the Toro Liquor Store. "One of our big problems is making sure that we greet every person who walks through the door," says Kalamalka Cannabis owner Mike Dagostini. "It's a really interactive experience. Kalamalka Cannabis only hires staff who are active cannabis users, and each of them has a selected area of ​​expertise.

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