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PAX Introduces The Era Pro, A Smarter Vaporizer For Cannabis Fans

Now the new capsules (look for a thin pink line on the seal, they have been in distribution for some time) include exact lot numbers. Just put the capsule inside the mod, open the app (Android only, obviously) and you will get specific information about your actual batch of cannabis. PAX says it is also working on a web platform for iOS clients, but to date there is no timeline on this. The information within the PodID part will expand over time. Right now, you'll get lab results to see exactly what's in your weed, which is pertinent given the recent wave of vaping-related illnesses associated with THC, none of which have been reported to contain a PAX product. Sooner or later, it could be a space for manufacturers to incorporate much more information regarding pressure, similar to what effects to expect, food pairings (this may be one thing), and even a Spotify playlist to enjoy. If you don't need any of the new features, the One Age will remain on the shelves; all capsules are suitable for both units. The Era Professional goes on sale today and costs $ 70, a bit pricey compared to most 510 pens, and there is that full app factor from Apple, but when you're a fan of added features and using Android / you can live without the app, you may need to head to your native dispensary. Check out all the latest CES 2020 news right here! All of Engadget's really useful merchandise is chosen by our publishing group, impartial from our parent company. Some of our stories include affiliate hyperlinks. If you buy something through one of these hyperlinks, we may earn an affiliate commission.

The vape mods are pretty easy; they are mainly just batteries. That said, the original PAX period was actually pretty smart. You could possibly dial in a selected temperature via a companion app (or you can select a preset temperature without it). There's also a management for your dosage so it doesn't get too high, and there are even a handful of built-in games. With the newly introduced Period Pro, things get even smarter. And at $ 70, it's a bit more expensive, too. First, a word of caution: Apple not long ago banned all vaping apps from the app retailer. It wouldn't matter if they were retail apps, utilities or, in the case of PAX, add-on apps for a device. Poof, he's gone. Which means that Period Professional is more restricted for those with iOS drives. There's not much PAX can do about it until Apple adjusts its moral stance, but know that whatever phone you have, many of the Era Pro's options are accessible in one way or another. About those features. What does a "professional" cannabis vaporizer really entail?

Okay, a bunch of clever or fun new tweaks to make your session a little smoother, both literally and figuratively. For one thing, the Period Pro has a smoother finish and a refined design. It also comes in new colors (black, gray, jade, and pink) to better match the phone you will no longer be able to use it with. Now it will cost more than USB-C. It comes with a battery that is 10% larger. Some of the options that are already present in the Era are also improving slightly. For one thing, the strategy of manually altering the temperature is less complicated on the Pro. Before, you needed to shake the device, then take out the capsule, watch the lights cycle, and replace the capsule as soon as it reached the settings you needed. (there are four to choose from). With Period Professional, you can still pop the pod out, but by gently moving it up and down while still inside the mod, it will cycle through the power presets.

The larger LEDs in the system, which PAX uses for a wide range of feedback, will make this process even simpler, or at least prettier. Perhaps the coolest new feature is in the capsules themselves. A clever redesign means there is now a small NFC chip in each cartridge (and a reader in the mod) that the company collectively calls PAXSmart. The Period Pro can write on the NFC tag on the capsule, possibly remembering the temperature or dosage setting you were using. Basically, while you switch pod / strain, the setup for that strain will stay in the pod. Plus, each pod comes with a preconfigured "informed" temperature setting (usually decided by the concentrate manufacturer), so you won't even have to fiddle with the temperature if you want to follow the producer's recommendations. This NFC chip also makes the new function"PodID" is automatic. With the original Era, you needed to input information to determine its strain / capsule and it will basically extract information about it.

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