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Lonnie LeeRoy Yarbrough was the driver that best embodied the spirit of NASCAR in the 1960s. As he dominated the Junior Johnson-prepared Fords and Mercurys, his name was synonymous with victory. Yarbrough won 7 wins and placed 21 in the top ten in his 30 race victories. In his short career, Yarbrough won 14 races. Junior Johnson described Yarbrough’s driving skills as the “best I have ever seen.” Yarbrough attempted Indy Car racing. In 1970, he won the first California 500 in Ontario. In April 1970, Yarbrough was involved in a serious crash during a Texas World Speedway test session (lost). Yarbrough suffered severe mental problems and memory loss after the crash. Yarbrough was forced to join a second-tier NASCAR Winston Cup team due to factory pull-outs, and other problems. For Bill Siefert, he would be driving the 45-car. Yarbrough would place in the Top-Five five times, and Top-Ten nine times. Yarbrough looked quite different when I first saw him in Nashville, August 1972. His hair was very long. His hair was long. Yarbrough finished 13th at the Siefert Mercury. He looked like he would have a great race. The 45-car pulled in the pits as the field was heading to the flagstand to finish the first lap. Yarbrough got out of the Mercury in powder blue and said “I quit.” Yarbrough would go on to run two races more during 1972, but he crashed out at each of them early. It was the end of his career. Yarbrough attempted to murder his mother, a 65-year-old woman in February 1980. Yarbrough would then be taken to the Florida State Mental Facility. Yarbrough suffered from brain trauma after his crashes. Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever had also struck Yarbrough.

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James Hylton, a fellow driver, put it best when he said “that doggone tick.” Rocky Mountain spotted fever is a mentally-debilitating condition that can’t be treated. Lee Roy was given so many medications that he died. His condition was so bad that it became impossible to manage. He did not deserve it. LeeRoy, Rest in Peace. Chase Elliot beat Tony Stewart and his father to win the SRX Feature in Nashville. This was the biggest crowd at the track since 1984, when the NASCAR CUP Series ended. While the Elliott’s won the majority of the race with Bill Elliott in the lead, Chase Elliot took the lead after a late restart. This allowed him to give his son a lead that he wouldn’t relinquish. Chase Elliott at Victory Lane. It was going to be him and me, but he got too high into turn one and didn’t restart.

There is a TAMBOURINE mode on the SHAKER. You can play forward and backward. Optional CLAVE models are available for the RIMSHOT. Many modules allow you to choose VARIABLE noise, which is a lot more natural and less static. You can use VARIABLE noise to create a more organic sounding drum machine. The smallest of variations can be easily detected by our brains and allow us to hear the drums live. Most parameters include an extra VELOCITY knob. This knob can be used to adjust the velocity level of the variatons. A slight boost here can make your drums more natural and richer. Although I’m not an expert on presets, the developer did a fantastic job. There are 33 patches available that you can use to keep yourself busy and/or as a starting point for your own sounds. It’s hard to find a better value for your money. 41 different drum models. Even if they are inspired by some of the great units from the past like the ROLAND TR-606, TR-808, TR-909 or BOSS DR110 (circuit-bended..yeah!!!) They are not comparable to this unit. Although I don’t think I could, I believe the unit was built with so much love and passion that it deserves to be more prominently mentioned. To my ears, it sounds great. There are many characters, and you can’t get anything worse from it. Look no further if you love 80’s and 90’s classic drum sounds. It will be a great decision. It is the most powerful drum machine you’ll find. The price is a bit steep, but I believe it to be THE BEST. It’s as easy as plugging and playing.

The device is very lightweight and runs without any issues on my DUALCORE 2.5gHz CPU. The sound of BONG is top notch. There are 41 drum models included. KICKS are incredibly low-end, sound great and SNARES have a snappy sound. One of the snare module’s even has a BRUSH option. CLAPS have a very wet sound. I don’t think you can find this on other algo VSTs. The HIHATS can be either pure noise, or they have some sinewave backing which gives them an extremely sweet metallic tone. They come in three playmodes: two open and one more. Toms can be used as CONGAS, or as a laser.

SNARE2 has one parameter, but the HATS module offers nine. The envelopes will be found in “DECAYLAND AND STUFFF LAND”, part two of the osc Section. It’s very simple, with no traditonell ADSR concepts but it has its own twist. The DECAY parameter performs exactly as we expect, but the RELEASE parameter is a bit more complicated. This parameter feels like it is a shape option to the decay parameter. The next part is PIRATE HOLE TREAT >>. There are only 2 OSC AMP. Use SNARE1 and SNARE2. It is the only module that comes with it. The next section on the map is LAND OF THE SECONDS SOURCE >>. You will also find additional options for shaping frequency content, such as noise and snapping to the base sound you created in the oscillator. They are not available in every module. These are the “STEREOLAND”, PANLANDIA, and “AMPIA” areas. They also include “THINGS NOT EXIST” or “THINGS YOU DON’T KNOW”. This area allows you to adjust the sound’s output gain. This is the position of the sound in stereo (plus some mono/stereo knobs). To make a long story shorter: noise and oscillators to the left, amplifier on the right, extra stuff in the middle.

No keyfile, no ilok. Demo works perfectly but has bird sounds for protection >> (nice). Only 32-bit and Windows. Once you have unzipped your VST folder, it is done. After loading an instance of BONG into your DAW you will be prompted to choose between a simple 2 channel stereo (1 x 2) or a 12 channel (6 x 2) setup. The latter is the best. All of these can be routed through an extra drumbus channel. You will be familiar with most parameters that can alter the sound’s timbre or shape if you are an experienced user of a drum machine. Inside the manual you will find a “map” that guides you through the basic layout of BONG. On the left you will find the “PITCHANDTONEPLACELAND” aka part one of the oscillator section with such ususal suspects like PITCH, RATE, AMT, TONE etc. Each section is unique and has its own set of parameters.

How do you make edible slime? Here are our top picks for non-glue slime that is safe and delicious. These affiliate links are provided to make these recipes more convenient. You can find our disclosure policy here. What is edible slime? These slime recipes are technically edible but not meant to be consumed as a meal or snack. My goal in creating edible slime was to let my daughter participate in slime making without fear of her accidentally inhaling harmful ingredients. You don’t have to be concerned about your child actually trying the slime. If your child sneaks some, it’s unlikely that they will try more.

This one smells like hot cocoa to me! This one is perfect for indoor play when it’s cold outside! Our homemade edible pizza slime is super stretchy. This slime smells just like fresh baked pie, full of delicious sauce and cheesy goodness. You’re a pizza lover (and many kids are)? This recipe is a must-try! This pizza slime recipe was quite a hit when it first appeared! Pizza could have been so controversial! Play dough, a close relative to slime is great for sensory play. You can use any leftover canned frosting in this way! This glow-in-the dark slime recipe will take your homemade slime to a whole new level! Wait until you discover the secret ingredient that glows under blacklight.

This is a great way to get more Halloween candy. The edible slime is made of three ingredients and can be used as silly putty. It is flexible. It tastes great! Our deliciously scented birthday cake playdough was taken. We took it one step further – we made unicorns! Our play dough comes in a variety of colors that kids will enjoy. Combine them all to create unicorn poop. Although it sounds absurd, this is actually super fun. Sprinkles were even included in our unicorn poop dough play dough. Nickelodeon Floam is a slime that is made from tiny foam balls. It is lightweight and unique. I remember loving it growing up. To achieve the same result, our poofy and squishy DIY floam slime uses mini marshmallows. However, it is safe to use with children! Although this is not a slime recipe per se, it’s one of my favorite sensory play activities so I couldn’t resist including it. The edible ice cream play dough tastes, looks and smells exactly like real ice cream!

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