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What Number Of Grams Are In An Eighth?

When searching our menu, you’ve little doubt seen our costs range based on weight. But what’s a “g?” “1/8?” “oz?” Those who’re new to medical cannabis typically it’s tough to grasp weight relating to measurement. Here’s what it’s essential find out about measuring cannabis.

The Metric System

If you’re not a scientist or a baker, you doubtless haven’t used the metric system since highschool. Not to fret, there’s just one metric measurement you must know to measure marijuana, and that’s the gram (g.) Beyond the gram, cannabis is measured utilizing the imperial customary of the ounce (oz) and fractions of the ounce.

Defining Our Terms

The smallest unit of buy for marijuana is the gram. This small sampling (as soon as familiarly referred to as a “dime”) is usually sufficient to make two cannabis rolls. A extra frequent buy is the “eighth,” a measurement equal to roughly 1/8th of an ounce.

Here’s the place it will get slightly complicated.

In changing metric to imperial, we provide you with unnecessarily correct measurements. One ounce is equal to 28.3495 g. A cannabis buy of 1 ounce will sometimes have a real weight of round 28 ounces even. Likewise, a purchase order of an eighth won’t be a real 1/8th of an oz (3.54688 g) however slightly a extra math-pleasant weight of 3.5g.

Using that customary, it’s straightforward to calculate ¼ oz (7g) ½ oz (14g), and so on. Our employees is obsessed with medical cannabis. Knowledgeable in all points of the trade. If you’re a medical marijuana affected person within the higher Boston space and need to be taught extra, come to Revolutionary Clinics in Somerville and discuss to us. Don’t neglect to take a look at our offers!

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